Welcome to MAP

Since My Academic Plan (MAP) is a free CIS solution, there are no complicated contracts that must be in place to get started. Additionally, MAP has been designed to eliminate the need for expensive and time-consuming training. There are instructional videos on both the student-side of MAP, as well as the MAP Counselor Portal.

Steps to complete to get going with MAP:

  1. Get Started with MAP:
    1. Go to About: For Districts and click on the MAP Video Overview icon to view a six-minute video which will walk you through the MAP system. This will give you an excellent overview of MAP.
    2. Review the FAQ section. It addresses many of the most commonly asked questions.
    3. Create your own MAP account:
      • From any page within MAP, click on the “Sign Up” tab located at the top of the screen. Enter all of your required information into the boxes provided and click on the “Create Account” button at the bottom of the screen.
      • Within a few minutes, you should receive an automated email requesting that you click on a link to confirm your ownership of your email address.
      • At this same time, your principal will also receive an automated email informing them you’ve requested access to your student’s MAP information. This email directs the principal to click on either the “Approve Access” or “Deny Access” link. 
      • While you’re waiting for the principal to approve your access, you still have the ability to explore MAP as your students will see it. When logged in with your staff account, you can go to View MAP as a student which enables you full access to the student side of the system.
    4. You may utilize the counselor portal to do the following:
      • Add, delete, or edit any of your high school’s courses listed in MAP.
      • Change the number of credits for each of your high school’s courses (note: MAP utilizes traditional Carnegie Unit system), and add your own high school’s graduation requirements for each subject area.
      • Monitor your students’ participation in MAP, and sort your students using various metrics.
      • Document each student’s parental/guardian approval and identify students who’ve not yet obtained parental/guardian approval.